Advocating for Your Public Policy Needs

The mission of the MSHO PAC is to support candidates who are concerned about issues important to hematology and oncology providers and patients throughout Michigan.


Achieve a fair, adequate, and sustainable payment environment for all oncology and hematology practices.

  • Monitor and pursue policies that ensure treatment for cancer are available to all patients.
  • Pursue policies that create equity between advances in care and reimbursement for those advances.

Ensure all cancer patients have access to quality care.

  • Advocate for all sites of service in locations that are accessible to Michiganders.
  • Pursue policies that ensure patients with care, regardless of their ability to pay, have access to high-quality services.

Ensure that physicians can provide patients with the right treatment, at the right time, at a reasonable cost.

  • Pursue policies that prevent penalizing physicians for utilizing newly approved treatments.
  • Monitor and pursue policies that allow physicians to spend the appropriate amount of time attending to patients' needs.

We need your help to grow the MSHO PAC and our voice in Lansing. Elevating our issues and highlighting the unique importance of the oncology/hematology community ensure the future success and health of our physicians, our practices, our patients, and their families.

Become a member of MSHO PAC today!

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