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House Bill 5678 Passed the House and Senate

New requirements regarding MAPS and bona fide prescriber/patient relationship

House Bill 5678 has passed the House and Senate and will soon be on the Governor's desk for signature.  The bill started as an exemption for hospice providers from the upcoming new requirements regarding MAPS and a bona fide prescriber/patient relationship (Public Acts 248 and 249 of 2017), but as it moved through the Legislature it changed substantially.  Now, as passed, HB 5678 would postpone the effective date of the requirement for bona fide prescriber/patient relationship for all licensed health providers from March 31, 2018, to March 31, 2019 (or whenever the Department promulgates rules, if before March 31, 2019).

MSHO will update you once the bill has been signed and a Public Act number is assigned.

Senate Substitute for House Bill No 5678

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