June 20, 2024
10:00AM - 11:00AM

Labeling Requirements for Prescription Drugs, Updates, and Future Direction for Chapter <17>

Hosted by USP

Virtual Event

This webinar will cover the definition and purpose of USP General Chapter <17> Prescription Container Labeling, prescription labeling issues, and the relevant state regulations available. Furthermore, it explores the key concepts of on labeling, along with the latest update for this chapter and future applications.

Medication misuse has resulted in more than 1 million adverse drug events per year in the United States. Patients’ best source (and often only source) of information regarding the medications they have been prescribed is on the prescription container label. The professional obligations of the prescriber and pharmacist include giving the patient the most essential information needed to understand how to safely and appropriately use the medication and to adhere to the prescribed medication regimen.

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