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Billing of Telehealth Services

MSHO Telehealth Coverage Updates

Keeping MSHO Members Informed

On 3/17/20 Medicare announced changes to their policies related to billing of Telehealth services, relaxing rules and allowing coverage for telehealth services for patients while they are at home.  We are not sure whether the private payers are going to adopt the same guidelines but as we are inquiring and as we find out, we will update this article and make announcements to our members.   

Payer Policies & Coding Information Related to Telemedicine 

Not sure how to bill for the services?  Do you use a different place of service or modifier?  To make it a bit easier for our members, MSHO is providing coding guidance and tracking telehealth information by payer.  The list of payers below will be updated as more information becomes available.

Medicare Telehealth - Last updated 05/13/20

Michigan Medicaid Telehealth - Last updated 04/08/20

Aetna Telehealth - Last updated 04/22/20

Blue Cross PPO (commercial) Medicare Plus Blue PPO, BCN HMO (commercial) and BCN Advantage Telehealth - Last updated 05/08/20

Priority Health Telehealth - Last updated 04/09/20

UnitedHealthcare Telehealth Services - Last updated 03/27/20

Health Alliance Plan Telehealth - Last updated 03/25/20

Humana Telehealth - Last updated 03/23/20

Meridian Telehealth - Last updated 04/20/20

Physicians Health Plan Telehealth - Last updated 04/22/20


MSHO Telehealth FAQs

To assist our members, MSHO will also be continuously updating "frequently asked questions” on telehealth below.  

MSHO Telehealth FAQs - Last updated 04/22/20


MSHO Telehealth Office Visit Spreadsheet

To help our members stay current on all of the information regarding telehealth requirements, MSHO has created a Telehealth Office Visit Spreadsheet.

MSHO Telehealth Office Visit Spreadsheet - Last updated 05/13/20

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